Covid-19 Full Money Back Scheme

We're Giving Full Refunds For Our School of Online Dating Course During Covid-19

How It Works

To receive your money back, here's what you need to do:

1. Register for the School of Online Dating Course.

2. Watch the videos within 30 days. (3.5 hrs of content total)

3. Pass the multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter.

4. Submit before and after profile from one dating app so we know that you have applied the training.

5. Automatically submit a refund request straight through the platform. It's super easy.

100% of submitted requests for a refund have been granted. 

It's easy to be skeptical at a program like this so we understand the hesitation. We have granted every person that has completed the course a full refund, even when their 'after' profile does not actually show that they applied all the training. All reasonable effort applies. We're not trying to keep anyone's money.

Why are we doing this?

Because from a human perspective we are worried about the mental health of single people isolating and wanted to contribute.

Because we hope that by creating good will now that our community will remember us in the future.

Because we want to try and stay alive during this period in the hopes that some people will finish the course and love it so much that they decide to ask for a partial refund or not ask for one at all if they can.

The refunds are in. Here's what students had to say.


I loved the course. It was truly amazing!

The course is well structured. The examples really help nail the concepts. The communication and delivery of the material is good as well.

I would like to say that the course it very well organized and the content is clear and it is easily understandable, I liked it a lot and I already made a lot of changes in my profile, I will keep evolving my conversations with girls and social skills, I already wrote down my next goal for July,it is to start in the Real life seduction course from school of attraction, I hope to see you guys in a few months, take care.

I really appreciated this course, it was well structured, well organized and professional. Further it set realistic expectations and was geared towards creating a light hearted and playful online persona rather than a gamey one that is incongruent with most peoples real personalities. The length was appropriate, and the website and quizzes were a great way to keep people honest. Aside from the occasional spelling error, I really dont know what you could have done better as this exceeded my expectations. Thanks again.

Extremely helpful. Shows you step by step how to REALLY improve your results. If you follow the recommendations step by step, you will see that it is actually not THAT hard..!


This course has everything you need to optimize your online dating life. I liked in particular, the analysis of the different apps' pros and cons (most courses only concentrate on Tinder); I also loved the conversation examples and the opening samples (very useful) as well as the structuring of the profile bio. Maybe it could be helpful to add some more details on how to make the best photoshoot for the first 2 photos: most photographer have no idea how to do a photoshoot for dating (I know from direct experience), they only care about doing good shots and do not pay attention on making you look attractive (body language, best face expressions, best body and jaw position, etc). It could be helpful to add this part in order to help the "model" and the photographer. Thanks for all your excellent work


I really liked the structure of the course. The information is really on point. No fluff and straight to the point. Within the first few videos, I can already see how this is helping people and how it will me. Thank you Damien