You've Finished The Test - Here Are Your Results

You Are Warm

Connection with other people has always been a priority for you - You are seen by others as being warm, and attentive to their needs. You generally feel good about people when you first meet them, and they'll find you easily likeable.

STRENGTHS: You will find it easier than most to connect with men or women and make them feel at ease - at least on a platonic level. Many of your friends will be jealous of how easily this comes to you.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You will suffer more than most if you don't have friends around that you can reach out to on a regular basis. Focus on building a friend network before finding a partner - because this will closely link to a healthy state of mind.

You have a strong desire to be liked by other people and need to be careful that this doesn’t manifest itself by your being too needy around potential partners. You have a tendency to be overly optimistic about a female’s intentions and how successful you are in an interaction.

You may find yourself falling for partners too quickly and this can land you in uncomfortable situations

You Are Reserved

You are quite adept at looking after yourself and not needing other people to make you feel good about yourself. You probably have a small number of good friends, rather than a huge social group, and this suits you just fine.

STRENGTHS: You will function in new and unfamiliar environments better than most people, travelling to new cities will be less stressful.

You will be less prone to getting rapidly attached to men or women you've just started seeing so you can make better quality decisions about romantic partners.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You can inadvertently make a potential partner feel like you aren't really that interested. You should probably work on giving compliments more readily, as this isn't something that comes naturally to you.

Trying to flirt with party girls or party guys will prove frustrating for you because you are likely not the 'party person' that most of these people want to find. And that's OK - there are some really amazing men and women who are reserved just like you who also don't like the party scene.

You Are Abstract Thinking

You're more intelligent than most other people, and you love a good intellectual debate with a smart man or woman. You're a fast learner and enjoy learning new skills.

STRENGTHS: Your intelligence will make you sexy to many men and women - It's also much easier to learn great banter skills, which are crucial for building fast attraction and standing out from the crowd.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You quite possibly have a bad habit of over-thinking situations. When it comes to potential mates, you'll be analysing everything that happens, and that can get in the way of being present and just enjoying a good conversation.

Be careful not to try and learn too much theory - Because you are a quick learner, you can quickly consume too much information and find yourself mentally locked because you've got too many dating 'theories' and 'rules' bouncing around in your head.

You Are Concrete Thinking

Personality is probably a lot more important for you in your partner than their career success or their intelligence. Men and women will appreciate your non-judgmental personality and once they get to know you, they will find that they can relax more easily in your presence.

STRENGTHS: You don't overthink things - You come up with a way you want to talk to a potential mate, and you stick to it.

You're great at finding one mindset/strategy for talking to potential partners and follow that, rather than complicating matters by trying to learn 'everything there is to know' - Life is too short to waste on theory.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Don't focus on men or women who are obsessed with money and success - this will likely conflict with your own values, and will cause nothing but frustration.

Because you probably like keeping life simple for yourself, you will be best off finding a mate who is low-maintenance. That will create a lot of peace in your life.

You Are Reactive

You are very aware of what you are feeling at all times - You feel both the highs and the lows very strongly. This makes you a very dynamic and interesting person to be around - Your life is rarely ever dull.

STRENGTHS: Being so aware of what you're feeling all the time can help you to be a really fantastic communicator because understanding what we feel is a crucial part of communication.

You will find it much easier to read and understand other men and women's emotions than most people. This can make navigating the sometimes complex world of relationships a little easier.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: It can be easy for you to over-react to sensitive situations - so rejection can be extra painful - You may find yourself missing out on many opportunities with love interests simply because you want to avoid rejection - It will help to have strategies for dealing with rejection under your belt at all times.

You should build a habit of taking a step back from emotional situations and giving yourself an hour to feel things out before responding. This will save a lot of unnecessary relationship pain in the future.

You can easily get frustrated if you don't get quick success with women when you're learning to build your attraction skills. Remember that this is a learning curve, and sometimes it can be slow going and that's perfectly normal.

You Are Emotionally Stable

You are generally quite adept at not letting your emotions take control of you. You have great confidence in your ability to handle new and unpredictable situations - even if you don't succeed, you can acknowledge that it was worth trying and you're no worse off for it.

STRENGTHS: You can probably handle rejection quite well and are unlikely to let a fear of rejection get in the way of going for what you want. Both men and women will respect your willingness to follow your desires.

Your relationships will generally be a lot less chaotic than many other relationships. Unless you happen to have a certain penchant for chaotic partners, which some emotionally stable people do - since they crave the challenge.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You may be at risk of undervaluing your own emotions or the emotions that a mate may be feeling. This can make it harder to communicate effectively when things get emotionally complex in relationships. If you aren't careful you can leave your partner feeling like they aren't being 'heard' or 'seen' by you.

You may experience times when you feel agitated or annoyed, but you really have no idea why - Practicing 'feeling' out the full depth your feelings rather than just glancing at them on surface-level may prove to be a very important self-development exercise for you.

You Are Dominant

You know what you want in life, and you probably aren't afraid to ask for it, or even make demands to get your needs met. You only get one life, and you sure as heck don't want to waste time hesitating to get what you want.

STRENGTHS: You are good at getting your needs met

People around you all know where they stand with you - so you probably get respected easily by others.

Women and men will frequently appreciate your take-charge attitude.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You may run the risk of not considering the needs of your partner or hearing them when resolving a problem. This can lead to long term dissatisfaction for romantic partners.

A partner may not bother coming to you with smaller concerns if they feel their needs won't be heard or catered for anyway. Be careful to pay extra attention to the needs of those around you as this won't be a second nature behaviour for you.

You Are Deferential

You're easy-going and accommodating of the needs of those around you. You don't see the point in making a big fuss if it's unnecessary. This can make you a very easy person to be around and can make you easily likeable for men and women when they first meet you.

STRENGTHS: You are easy to like on first meeting

You can fit in well enough with most groups of people and go with the flow if needs be.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You are overly eager to avoid upsetting people - As a result, you will likely struggle to ensure your needs get met. You will be well served by working on being more demanding and respecting your needs much more than you have previously.

You may believe that men or women won't like you if you're more demanding, but in fact, while they may complain in the short term, they'll like you and find you much more sexually appealing in the long term. AND you'll be happier for it.

You Are Lively

You are a charismatic, cheerful, happy go lucky human at heart. You are expressive and impulsive, and you can be a lot of fun to be around. You feel like life is meant to be enjoyed.

STRENGTHS: Odds are, you are the life of the party - you are probably that one friend most of your mates want to ensure comes along.

It's going to be easier for you to keep high energy, low attention span men and women engaged and interested in you.

Bars and clubs, big social gatherings, and parties - will likely be your most ideal locations for meeting and attracting partners.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: It's possible that you may only have the one 'social gear' - you're either having fun and being playful, or you're not engaging with people. This can make it hard for you to operate in more relaxed situations.

Women and men who are more restrained, may find that you have a bit too much energy - remember that sometimes the perfect thing for a moment is a deep and meaningful conversation with no banter or playfulness.

Remember to show vulnerability from time to time - it will make you feel a lot more relatable when it comes time to build rapport.

You Are Serious

You prefer to scope out the vibe of a location or new group of people before engaging - this way you avoid making any social mistakes. You quite enjoy being introspective in social situations and watching how people interact with each other.

STRENGTHS: Because you are more restrained, you are likely to be seen as being more mature than your fellow friends.

Because you spend more time observing and analysing what's going on around you, you'll be more sensitive to subtle social cues around you.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You may find it hard to let go of your introspective mind and just have fun, even if it's slightly reckless. Practice being more spontaneous in social situations - become more comfortable with saying "ah heck, why not!".

You may struggle a little bit more with playful banter when you first meet someone you're interested in - But this is a skill well worth your working on, because it's a fast way to build some initial attraction.

You Are Rule-Conscious

You are a very conscientious, morally dutiful person - If you say you're going to do something, then you make sure that thing gets done. You have a strong sense of duty and can be relied upon by your friends when times get rough.

You probably believe strongly in conventional societal values such as honesty and monogamy

STRENGTHS: You will tend to be very trustworthy - You'll have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and you'll hold yourself and others to those standards.

Both women and men will see great value in you as a potential long-term partner.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Because you hold others to a high moral code as you do yourself, you are at risk of being perceived as a bit judgmental.

You may find yourself attracted to slightly chaotic women - as they'll provide you with a sense of balance. There is great inner peace in allowing others to have their own sense of how life should be lived.

Because you adhere to social expectations, you may end up feeling severely limited and a bit trapped. Be willing to stretch the rules, even if just a little bit.

You Are Expedient

You were probably a bit of a rebel growing up - You didn't like having authority imposing senseless rules on you, and you likely enjoyed breaking them on occasion (or maybe daily).

As an adult, you have your own sense of morals and ethics which don't always adhere to those of the society in which you live. You believe that everyone has the right to decide what's right and wrong for them.

STRENGTHS: Women and men will often be attracted to your rebellious mindset - They'll enjoy debating with you about your way of seeing the world which they'll find unique and interesting.

You won't feel so constrained by society's expectations - So finding your true self will prove much easier for you than other people.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Your rebellious nature may lead you to become a little too self-indulgent at the expense of your romantic partner.

When looking for a long term partner, be certain that their world-views and expectations for a long term relationship aren't too different from your own, or you could easily run into problems once the relationship runs into the 1-3 year mark. This will lead to plenty of heartache.

You Are Shy

You probably don't' like to be the centre of attention - in fact, when it comes to big gatherings of people, you probably prefer to be the wallflower and watch things unfold around you. There may be a part of you that wishes you could be more social.

You find yourself focussed on all the things that can go wrong - you don't feel that you necessarily have a lot of value to add in big social gatherings - and you especially don't want to embarrass yourself.

STRENGTHS: Research has shown that people who are socially shy tend to be much better at reading subtle facial cues in others - their sensitivity towards what others are feeling has been honed over years of being overly concerned about what others are thinking.

Why is this a strength you may ask? That's a brilliant question!

Because in most cases - social shyness can be overcome through gradual social exposure and self-development work. When your social shyness recedes (and it will!) - you will still maintain your ability to read people's emotions to an exceptional degree.

It can become your hidden superpower!

There are actually many shy women out there who have a lot to offer, but confident men and women will scare them off (if they ever meet them)- but you'll understand them in a way other can't, and they can be a fantastic partner for you.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You are likely already fully aware of how your shyness can make it harder to meet potential partners - if you don't put yourself out there, how can any man or women learn that you exist?

You definitely need to work on your social shyness as it's not just going to hold you back with dating. It will also cause you to easily get overlooked at work, and with friends.

You Are Bold

You are generally far less sensitive to social risks - You are quite happy to tell that risky joke, or banter with that cute girl or guy - even if they may reject you.

Your sensitivity to risk in life is lower than others - You feel that life is meant to be lived, and you don't want to regret not having done something.

STRENGTHS: Due to your strong tolerance for failure - being successful in social endeavours will come a lot more easily to you. You can't learn to become great at dating, or great at sales, or great at climbing the corporate ladder without facing a metric tonne of failures along the way.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Due in part to your willingness to tackle failure - you are at risk of coming across as insensitive to those who aren't as socially bold as yourself. You will feel like saying "Don't think about it - just do it!" and you'll feel frustrated when they don't take that advice on.

This can make others feel alienated from you and make you harder to relate to.

Some socially bold people have lower social sensitivity and can be so thick-skinned that they're utterly unaware that they're inadvertently hurting or upsetting people around them. What gives them the ability to disregard failure, can also make them disregard what others around them are feeling. This doesn't have to be the case, but it's something you should consider might be true about yourself.

You Are Sensitive

Being high in sensitivity means you are likely to be sensitive both emotionally and physically.

You have a lot of empathy for the people around you and are generally pretty in tune with what they're feeling - as well as what you yourself are feeling.

You are probably also a big fan of aesthetics - it's important that thinks look nice as well as function well.

STRENGTHS: Because you are more intuitive than most - you will probably have an easier time 'feeling through' the processes of falling in love and building relationships. Many men and women need to learn logical steps, but for you, it will feel much more 'natural'.

You will also have an easier time sensing what men and women are feeling when on a date.

You may find that you make female friends more easily than male friends.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Since you generally wear your heart on your sleeve - that can leave you open to being badly hurt by partners who aren't as sensitive and kind-hearted as yourself.

Sensitive people can fall into the trap of helping others more than they help themselves, and you want to make a habit of putting your own needs first more often.

Your strong sentimentality can cause you to stay in bad relationships much longer than they deserve because you hope that things can eventually work out.

You Are Unsentimental

You pride yourself on being highly rational and logical - When situations get tough, you stand back from your emotions so that you can get an objective understanding of what's really going on.

You're tough-minded and unsentimental and you've likely already learned to be self-reliant.

STRENGTHS: You won't easily get caught in emotionally damaging relationships for very long.

You say what you mean, and mean what you say - so people likely know where they stand with you.

You are unlikely to need other people, so if a partner doesn't' turn out to be what you hoped they would, it's easy for you to step away and find someone better suited to your needs.

You will usually find it easier to bond with male friends than with female friends.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Since you are so rationally minded - it can be hard for you to 'feel' your way to the right way to behave in relationships.

It will be tempting to look for 'how-to' guides to attract women or men - Hoping to find a 'logical' step by step process you can follow, rather than having to follow your gut through the experience. Unfortunately, this won't work very well, and can often lead to frustrating outcomes for both you and your potential dates.

Being very utilitarian can sometimes leave partners finding you a little bit cold or detached. This can be particularly frustrating for you both during arguments.

You may also look down on people who are more sensitive and feel with their 'guts' rather than by following a logical path and process - But you could probably do with learning to adopt some of their life strategies for more balance in your own.

You Are Vigilant

You know that people aren't always as 'great' as they may at first appear - You pride yourself on seeing the wold for how it really is.

You probably find people who think the world is intrinsically good, and that most people have good intentions to be quite naive.

You're regularly on the lookout for anyone trying to take advantage of you - but they rarely do because you spot it before it can happen.

STRENGTHS: People won't easily be able to take advantage of you because you don't easily trust people until they've truly earned it.

Being sceptical has served you well in the past, allowing you to catch out liars, or cheaters in your life.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: When in a relationship, you might be accused of being jealous and suspicious.

Your lack of trust can easily lead to the breakup of a relationship if you aren't careful.

When flirting with women or men, you have a tendency to interpret their responses in a more negative light than they had intended, assuming, for instance, they are laughing at you rather than with you, and this mistaken interpretation could cause unnecessary stress.

You will benefit from giving people the benefit of the doubt more often than you do - it will make your life and the lives of those around you significantly less stressful.

You Are Trusting

You trust most people you meet until they prove they can't be trusted, and even then, they'll quite easily get a second chance - You have an easy-going nature and aren't suspicious of people in general. You probably assume that most people are intrinsically good.

STRENGTHS: Because of your trusting and easy-going nature, people will usually find you really easy to be around. Because you have trust in others, they will likely trust you easily in return. This makes it easier in the dating scene where people are easily turned off when they meet potential new dates who are suspicious of every new partner.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Your easy going and trusting nature can make it easier for your friends and romantic partners to take advantage of you. Trusting people when you first meet them is usually a good dating strategy, but be sure to learn from past mistakes.

When your gut tells you something doesn't feel right, don't suppress that feeling! You may be trusting, but your gut always knows when something is going on.

You Are Abstracted

You probably catch yourself spending a lot of time in your own head - You love theorizing and discussing abstract ideas - You have a vivid imagination, and you probably enjoy daydreaming as a way of self-soothing.

STRENGTHS: If you find a likeminded potential partner, you can have some of the most incredible deep conversations. Sharing deep thoughts on different aspects of life is a brilliant way to build rapport and bond.

Thinking of creative activities to do as a couple, and find romantic ways to connect is something you will likely be better at than others.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: If you've ever spent time in the past learning about attraction and dating, you may have gotten distracted by too many different theories or approaches to meeting and attracting a partner. Just pick one coach or ideology and go with it for a while - don't get caught up with the small stuff.

Your abstractedness can cause frustration to a long term partner because you will have a greater tendency to forget things that may be important to your partner - you should avoid procrastinating on general lifestyle/household tasks such as doing taxes, or taking out the trash - or they'll creep up on you and your relationship can suffer if it feels like nothing ever gets done when it should.

You Are Forthright

You are very open, straight forward and unpretentious. You never pretend to be anything that you are not. You particularly dislike people who are judgemental because you place great value on people's right to express themselves as they are and not to have to wear a social mask.

STRENGTHS: You will be very good at creating trust with potential partners - From the second they meet you, they'll be aware that you live your life being very straight forward and genuine.

There is great power in being forthright while dating - don't let any coaches tell you any different. Our culture makes it all to easy to believe that dating is supposed to be about power games or guile.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: While your honesty is generally a strength - you need to be aware that there are times that the best strategy is to exercise some tact. Sometimes you can best help a person by choosing your words to convey a message that helps the most with the least damage.

For example, if a girlfriend asks you if her butt looks big in her jeans - you could say "oh my god yes, they look disgusting on you!" Or you could say "You know what, I don't think those jeans are an ideal fit for you, those other ones you got last week look so much sexier".

Be aware that most people aren't as direct as you are, and so you can feel a lot of frustration trying to work out what potential partners really want or need, or what they're really feeling. Try and be patient with them - most of us learned growing up that it's bad to be too direct about our own wants or needs.

You Are Private

You are a private and discreet person, you believe that there is a part of you that deserves to be kept private from the world.

You are very adaptable in social situations. You know how to behave with all different types of people. You are constantly aware of the image you are projecting to others and how they are responding to that image.

STRENGTHS: You are likely to be great at first impressions - you probably know how to make people like you when they first meet you. This means you have the potential to be a killer networker.

Speed dating events would definitely be worth a try!

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Because you have a tendency to wear a social mask when you first meet people, you are at risk of coming across as fake or insincere.

Sometimes, private people forget to work on themselves internally as well, so when they get close to potential partners, their social masks wear away and if your true self can't meet the expectations that your social masks creates, you may end up with a lot of frustration always losing partners on 2nd or 3rd dates.

Your private nature can also make it hard to experience intimacy unless you are comfortable letting your mask drop with friends. This lack of intimacy can manifest in feelings of loneliness (even if you are surrounded by friends), or constantly feeling like you aren't good enough.

You Are Self-Assured

You likely have a high self-esteem, you are generally satisfied with yourself and with your life - It doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but it probably doesn't feel too bad. You like who you are and don't waste too much time regretting the past.

STRENGTHS: You feel worthy and deserving of a partner in your life. You know that you have value to offer, and the right man or woman would be lucky to meet you.

You don't stress about your shortcomings or little 'mistakes' you may make in the dating process.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: You may maintain your high self-esteem by slightly distorting events to show yourself in the best light possible - This can make it difficult for your to express sorrow or guilt if you've hurt a friend or partner.

It's important for you to remember that in most situations, both people deserve some of the blame. You aren't perfect and you probably make just as many mistakes as everyone else.

You may be intolerant of people's self-doubt and negative self-esteems. This can make you come across as cold and uncaring.

You Are Apprehensive

You have a very harsh inner-critic - When things go badly, you're quick to self-blame and experience shame and/or guilt.

STRENGTHS: You are very good at risk assessment - you can easily spot where a plan or a strategy may fail.

If you can learn to regulate your self-doubt, you can make a fantastic partner for someone who is a bit of a 'dreamer' as their enthusiasm will push you forwards to do things in life you'd never do alone, while your caution will prevent them from doing anything too rash.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Your harsh inner critic, isn't just critical of yourself. It's likely to be critical of others as well. But this is a blessing in disguise because if you can practice being less critical of other people, you'll find that you'll automatically become less critical of yourself along the way.

Practice thinking nicer things about the people around you, and your own self-esteem will improve.

A great mantra for you in life will be 'Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway' - which incidentally is the name of a book you really should read!

You Are Open To Change

You do not like doing things the traditional way. You enjoy entertaining new perspectives and radical interpretations.

If you had a traditional family, then you were most likely seen as the 'black sheep'. But you don't care, you couldn't' possibly live your life any other way.

STRENGTHS: Self-development will prove much easier for you than others because you're always open to new ideas and theories. You will constantly be trying new things, and some of those will prove to be extremely beneficial for you as a human.

When you find a potential partner who is also highly open to change, you'll double up on your life experiences by sharing your combined experiences. This is one form of value that open people often don't' realise they need to share to prospective partners.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Because you love constantly exploring new ideas - you can end up being quite a 'lifestyle dabbler' - constantly jumping from one philosophy/mindset/self-help strategy to the next, constantly being certain that you've finally found the 'one true solution'.

This can prove frustrating to some partners - and can prevent you from going deep enough to get the true benefits you were hoping for.

You should also remember that it's not always necessary to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it' really is sage advice. Your exploration can get in the way of making as fast progress as you could if you simply worked on what already appears to work FIRST before trying a new strategy.

You Are Traditional

You pride yourself in being a more conservative and traditional person at heart. You know what works, and you don't get carried away trying to constantly improve things.

You don't believe in re-inventing the wheel - and if a process is tried and tested and works well enough, that life is easier if you focus on other problems than worrying about trying to change things.

STRENGTHS: You are an ideal partner for someone who also shares your traditional mindset since this is one of the most important personality traits that need to match for a successful relationship.

When you find something that you really want to work on, you don't get easily distracted - You find a strategy or solution which you believe in, and you work hard at it until you perfect it or get the result you want.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Your strong faith in tradition isn't always going to work in your favour. You can end up staying with the wrong partner longer than is healthy or reasonable, and you can place too much value on the values of your parents rather than deciding what really matters to you.

When it comes to learning dating skills, you're almost certainly going to have to find it within yourself to adopt some new mindsets as the chances of the dating lessons you learned growing up being the most beneficial for you are extremely slim.

You may at first find yourself attracted to wild chaotic women, because they're so different from yourself, but they will rarely serve as good long-term partners - in situations like this, be careful to distinguish love from lust.

You Are Self-Reliant

You are an independent thinker and pride yourself on self-reliance. You prefer to solve problems unassisted, and do not like taking unsolicited advice from others. Nothing beats the experience of solving a problem all on your own.

STRENGTHS: You won't rely on others to get you motivated - if you want to improve something in your life, you'll go and sort it out all on your own.

You are also less likely to need approval from others, which can be handy since over-seeking approval can often damage a person's chances both in initial dating and long-term relationships.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Being so self-reliant can make it harder for you to benefit from learning from others' mistakes. Especially in the realm of dating - there is so much support out there, both in-person coaching and online learning materials - the fact you are taking this personality test is a great step in the right direction for you!

The most success will be had when you learn to accept support from others on occasion. Being self-reliant is a very useful trait, but others around you will be able to see your blind spots far better than you can, so don't shy away from group feedback when it's offered.

If you're in a long-term relationship, consider including your partner more often in problem-solving discussions - you can inadvertently make them feel left out and not part of the relationship 'team'.

You Tolerate Disorder

You generally enjoy a little chaos in your life - Because chaos is a form of freedom. You don't' like having to conform to expectations or making things perfect. In fact, you may see people who are pedantic about making everything in the world ordered and think they're a bit crazy and over-stressed.

STRENGTHS: You rarely try to take control of situations, instead you're happy to let them unfold organically - this can make you a breath of fresh air for a partner as too many people are trying to push for specific outcomes when dating.

Your impulsivity can make you a lot of fun when dating, you'll often push your dates to do and try new and wild things they weren't expecting and this can be very exciting for them unless they happen to be very high on perfectionism.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: While you can be exciting and fun in the early stages of a relationship, your undisciplined way of life can prove exceedingly difficult for a partner in a long-term relationship. Long term relationships require some degree of responsibility, and most partners will want a somewhat stable life with you - stability is one of the big reasons many people get into relationships after all.

You will have the easiest time dating someone who has a high tolerance for disorder similar to yourself, or you will find yourself not being fully appreciated for who you are at heart.

You Are Perfectionistic

You set yourself high goals when it comes to learning to date and attract a partner. You do not just want to be good; you want to be one of the best. You are careful to ensure that your public behaviour reflects your internalised ideals because you place a high value on maintaining public respect.

You have a finely tuned sense of order, and like everything to be 'just so'.

STRENGTHS: You'll always work hard on yourself, and on your relationship. You'll present really well on a first date, and you'll probably dress and smell fantastic too!

In a long-term relationship, you'll create order and safety which your partner will really appreciate.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: If you aren't cautious, your need for order can cause potential partners to experience you as being a bit boring or 'sanitised'. Impulsiveness can be a strong aphrodisiac for both genders, and people high in perfectionism are usually not very impulsive.

When learning to date - you're going to REALLY struggle with a willingness to make mistakes. But you actually MUST try and fail on a bunch of dates to learn what you've been doing well and badly. It's impossible to be great at dating if you aren't willing to be imperfect a LOT of times.

Practice creating a space for chaos - Go on a date and say to yourself "I'm going to go with the flow tonight, and whatever happens, happens "- "If I end up with my phone out of charge, quite tipsy, holding someone's left shoe, a lei around my neck, and trying to dance bachata, when I don't even know what bachata is - so be it!"

You Are Relaxed

You are usually seen as being chilled and relaxed. You do not easily get worked up or upset.

You are slow to get worked up, either by exciting events in your life or by stressful/negative events in your life. This makes people see you as being exceptionally stable.

STRENGTHS: You are very accepting of things that do not go your way and will be easily liked by women or men, who feel relaxed in your presence.

It's rare that you'll get stuck in your head overthinking things - you don't' see the point in worrying about something that hasn't happened yet.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Your laid-back attitude can make it hard for you to find the motivation to work on yourself, or to improve the quality of your dating life. So you can find yourself not changing much for years, and as a result, your dating life can become stagnant.

Once in a long-term relationship, men or women may find your complacency and lack of vigour frustrating. You will get along best with a partner who is relaxed like yourself, and not too strongly driven.

You Are Tense

You are highly strung by nature - you probably wake up in the morning and within a few minutes, you are bouncing off the walls and ready to go.

You live life in a higher energy state - and your mind is always sharp and ready to process what's going on around you. People who are slow and methodical probably frustrate you.

STRENGTHS: You are driven to making big changes in your life - Your mind is always searching for solutions to problems.

You will be very attractive to high-energy partners who need lots of mental stimulation to stay engaged.

AREAS FOR CAUTION: Your highly-strung personality means that stress and anxiety are likely to be daily visitors in your life. You find it hard to relax and have downtime to stop and appreciate the present moment.

You try to hide your tension or anxiety because you do not want to affect those around you, but that just causes you to get even more tense. You may need to look at ways of calming yourself down, such as meditation or exercise.

This type of tension can be contagious, and if you are not careful, the men and women you talk to will begin to feel anxious themselves, and this is not good for attraction. It is important for you that you meet potential mates in environments in which you feel comfortable.

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