The School Of Tinder

A complete online package that shows you how to hack the Tinder app to start getting consistent numbers and dates

ONLY $399

Online Theory

From choosing the right photos, to writing a catching profile, to getting women out on dates

Copy And Paste Our Best Work

We supply sample images, profile descriptions, conversation starters, and entire conversations so you can copy and paste all the┬álines we’ve used to get great results


Consult An Online Coach For Feedback

No guesswork required – Online access to Tinder experts who can give you feedback on your profile and Tinder conversations

Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

If I register, when can I start?

You can access our training material the instant you complete the registration from an make a payment. This access is life-time so you can keep re-watching material as you need it.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30 day refund policy – To be eligible, simply send us photos of your profile demonstrating you have applied what we taught, and we will refund your money in full if you aren’t getting results.

Should I be worried about my privacy in the facebook group?

It’s true, you’ll need an active Facebook account to both join Tinder, and get unlimited Coach Feedback. The Facebook group is completely private meaning nobody who isn’t a member of the group can see anything you post, or that you are a member of the group. In fact, nobody can even search for the group on Facebook it’s that well hidden.

However if Privacy is still a huge concern, it takes you 10 minutes to create a fake Facebook profile exclusively for use with Tinder and this course. That’s the easiest way to ensure the utmost privacy.

How does the unlimited coach feedback work?

We have a private facebook group where members upload pictures of their profiles and Tinder conversations. Coaches and advanced students then provide detailed feedback on ways you could make improvements to get better results.

So you don’t just get advice form one expert, you get advice from MANY – Ensuring you get the results you want.

Have Questions We Didn't Answer?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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