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Sincere Seduction contains everything you could want to know about seducing women without pretending, lying or manipulating.


Begin with learning how to create your own dating method, where to find women and hacks for getting into the right state of mind.  


Once we're ready, we start approaching, talking and flirting with women to try and get her number for dates. We'll discuss minimising rejection and more.


Now that you're getting some success, we discuss sexual escalation, maintaining casual sex relationships, dating consciously and happiness.

What's In The Book

Chapter 1

Creating Your Own Dating Strategy 

Chapter 2

Sneaky Ways To Find Women

Chapter 3

How To Get In The Right State

Chapter 4

Creating The Right Goals For Success

Chapter 5

How To Beat Approach Anxiety

Chapter 6

Meeting The Right Type Of Women

Chapter 7

The Simplest Ways To Talk To Women

Chapter 8

How Being Funny Will Get You Laid

Chapter 9

The Art Of Flirting & Body Language

Chapter 10

Asking For A Woman's Number

Chapter 11

Arranging The Perfect Date

Chapter 12

What To Do On The Date

Chapter 13


Chapter 14

Casual Sex Rules

Chapter 15


Chapter 16


Scientific Dating Facts

Advice in this book comes from scientifically proven data. We apply data from other industries to dating for comprehensive stats.

Award Winning Best-Seller

‘Everything any man needs to know to impress a woman. Insightful and, often, hilarious. A Bronze Medal Winner.’ - The Wishing Shelf Awards

Worksheets And Case Studies For Optimal Learning

Go through worksheets at your pace and read case studies from past and current students. 


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One Of The Very BEST Dating & Seduction Guides For Men PERIOD!

"I didn't know who this Damien Diecke guy was but I found out very quickly that this guy totally GETS it! Step by step, Damien shows in precise, crisp detail how to attract AND seduce women with sincerity and honesty. Without a doubt, "Sincere Seduction" is one of the very BEST dating and seduction guides for men available at any price. "


This book covers many useful life skills

"I truly believe this book is incredible. Yes it is a book on dating but it is so much more than that! This book covers many useful life skills, and answers big life questions as well. For example topics like Fear, Anxiety, Attraction, What is Love, What is Happiness, Effective Goal setting, Life Purpose/ Direction, Relationship advice,Self confidence, Courage, Social Skills + all the things you want to know about Love, Sex, Dating. I've read many books on Personal Development, Spirituality, Health and Wellness and I think this book and it's teachings really helps to put things into context. Would like to thank Damien for writing such an empowering and insightful book! "


Awesome advice live and now in a written form

"I took the course with Damien, and it's truly helpful.
When my friends ask me to explain it, if it's similar to pickup artists on TV, ... I generally say it's like a "pickup artist 2.0", without the childishness and mind games. The author took the field to the next era, more mature and confident; and through several techniques, he will push your comfort zone make you confront your real bottleneck in dealing with your love life. I highly recommend if you think it's time to do something about it. Take it seriously and your life will never be the same. "


Insightful book in regards to dating woman.

"Really enjoyed this book, You give out a lot of useful information. The challenging part is applying what is taught. What to do with woman who cock tease you ,isn't mentioned. I could use more information on this"


Sincere Seduction - life and love through integrity

"A well written, easy to read book that has it's heart in the right place.
I started to read this book, thinking i would not learn anything. I was wrong."


Meet Damien.

Author Of Sincere Seduction & Australia's No. 1 Dating Coach

“I went from struggling with generalised anxiety disorder to dating multiple women at the same time. I want to share the scientific strategies that helped me get over my anxiety, gain self confidence, approach random women and get dates. I've helped thousands of men over 10 years regardless of their skill level. I'm confident this book can help you too."

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Best Seduction Advice since Kierkegaard wrote Diary of a Seducer

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 10, 2017

“Manipulating and deceiving women is getting old” begins Damien Diecke, who then suggests that “sincere seductionists” abandon “current flawed dating advice” and forge a new path, one he teaches with gusto, a smashing sense of humor, and possibly the best advice ever offered. His method involves complete honesty with others, learning to “know thyself,” and thereby attain a goal of brief or permanent intimacy.

Diecke bashes present rules of dating as unsubstantiated and geared toward unhappiness, and offers a method designed to help the reader decide what woman he really wants, the best methods to approach her, and what to do once he’s garnered her attention. In other words, living life to the fullest sans fear of rejection or failure.

This involves learning stratagems such as buffoonery, role-playing, use of cohorts, and swapping stories. He ably discloses the art of flirting, launching conversations, building rapport, deciding which forum to make your move, and most importantly, to smile, smile, smile and look her in the eye.

The author advocates setting specific and achievable goals, and pursuing those goals with persistence, desensitizing yourself to rejection, and accepting a woman’s testing of your resolve as an opportunity to prove you have what it takes.

These methods are expounded in a readable, easily understandable prose, and with a wining sense of humor. Diecke’s chivalrous leitmotif involves chapters named Noble Quests and Places Damsels Congregate, and funny character names in real life examples such as Sir Gobstopper and Lady Cherry Ripe. He utilizes humor to teach–suggesting approaching her in a gym or at the beach rather than a nightclub if you desire a long-term relationship, and if you don’t hear very well.

This book is certainly not for religious fundamentalists, as it makes no judgment as to the values of goals sought, but is nevertheless an honest, intelligent, and perceptive guide to men seeking women, utilizing common sense, science and every available means to attain man’s ultimate goal–the right woman. A more helpful and enjoyable read on this subject you will never find!

John Fraiser

Sincere Seduction - life and love through integrity

Rated 4.0 out of 5
March 25, 2019

A well written, easy to read book that has it’s heart in the right place.

I started to read this book, thinking i would not learn anything. I was wrong.