1.I would rather have a house
2.I can find enough energy to face my difficulties
3.I feel a bit nervous of wild animals even when they are in strong cages
4.I hold back from criticizing people and their ideas
5.I make smart, sarcastic remarks to people if I think they deserve it
6.It would be more interesting to be
7.I can generally put up with conceited people, even though they brag or show they think too well of themselves
8.I would rather take the gamble of a job with possibly large but uneven earnings, than one with a steady, small salary
9.I talk about my feelings
10.Once in a while I have a sense of vague danger or sudden dread for reasons that I do not understand
11.My decisions are governed more by my
12.Most people would be happier if they lived more like their friends and did much the same things as others
13.When talking, I like
14.When something really makes me furious I find I calm down again quite quickly
15.In my personal life I reach the goals I set, almost all the time
16.An outdated law should be changed
17.I am uncomfortable when I work on a project requiring quick action affecting others
18.Most of the people I know would rate me as an amusing talker
19.I get slightly embarrassed if I suddenly become the focus of attention in a social group
20.I am always glad to join a large gathering, for example, a party, dance, or public meeting
21.In school I preferred
22.When I have been put in charge of something, I insist that my instructions are followed or else I resign
23.For parents, it is more important to
24.In a group task I would rather
25.I feel a need every now and then to engage in a tough physical activity
26.I would rather mix with polite people than rough, rebellious individuals
27.I feel terribly dejected when people criticize me in a group
28.What this world needs is
29.I am always keenly aware of attempts at propaganda in things I read
30.I keep my room well organized, with things in known places almost all the time
31.If I had to choose, I would rather be
32.For special holidays and birthdays I
33.which of the following items is different in kind from the others?
34.When I get upset, I try hard to hide my feelings from others
35.I think that plenty of freedom is more important than good manners and respect for the law
36.I tend to keep quiet in the presence of a senior persons (people of greater experience, age or rank)
37.I have a good sense of direction when in strange places
38.If someone got mad at me, I would
39.My memory tends to drop a lot of unimportant, trivial things, for example, names of streets or stores in town
40.I eat my food with gusto, not always so carefully and properly as some people
41.As a teenager, if I differed in opinion from my parents, I usually
42.I would prefer to have an office of my own, not sharing it with another person
43.I would rather enjoy life quietly in my own way than be admired for my achievements
44.In starting a useful invention, I would prefer
45.Which of the following fractions is not in the same class as the others
46.People treat me less reasonably than my good intentions deserve
47.I have decidedly fewer friends than most people
48.When I am in a small group, I am content to sit back and let others do most of the talking
49.I prefer reading
50.When bossy people try to push me around I do just the opposite of what they wish
51.In streets or stores, I dislike the way some persons stare at people
52.I find it embarrassing to have praise or compliments bestowed on me
53.In carrying out a task, I am not satisfied unless even the minor details are given close attention
54.Quite small setbacks occasionally irritate me too much
55.I am always a sound sleeper, never walking or talking in my sleep
56.It would be more interesting to work in a business
57.AB is to dc as RS is to
58.When people are unreasonable, I just
59.I think I am better described as
60.To be cautious and expect little is better than to be happy at heart, always expecting success
61.I find it easy to mingle among people at a social gathering
62.If I am quite sure that a person is unjust or behaving selfishly, I show that person up, even if it takes some trouble
63.I sometimes make foolish remarks in fun, just to surprise people and see what they will say
64.I would enjoy being a newspaper writer on drama, concerts, opera etc.
65.I never feel the urge to doodle and fidget when kept sitting still at a meeting
66.I feel some punishment is coming to me even when I have done nothing wrong
67.The pomp and splendor of any big state ceremony are things which should be preserved
68.It bothers me if people think I am being too unconventional or odd
69.In constructing something, I would rather work
70.I have periods when its hard to stop a mood of self pity
71.Often I get angry with people too quickly
72.I can always change old habits without difficulty and without slipping back
73.If the earnings were the same, I would rather be
74.Which of the following should come next at the end of this row of letters xooooxxoooxxx
75.I spend much of my spare time talking with friends about social events enjoyed in the past
76.I find the sight of an untidy room very annoying
77.I consider myself a very sociable, outgoing person
78.In social meetings I
79.I admire the beauty of a poem more than that of a well made gun
80.In travelling abroad, I would rather go on an expertly conducted tour than plan by myself the places that I wish to visit
81.I like to do my planning alone, without interruptions and suggestions from others
82.I sometimes let my actions get swayed by feelings of jealousy
83.I believe firmly “the boss may not always be right, but always has the right to be boss”
84.Which of the following words does not properly belong with the others
85.I like it when I know so well what the group has to do that I naturally become the one in command
86.I would rather dress with quiet correctness than with eye catching personal style
87.An evening with a quiet hobby appeals to me more than a lively party
88.I close my mind to well-meant suggestions of others, even though I know I should not
89.I always make it a point, in deciding anything, to refer to the basic rules of right and wrong
90.Because it is not always possible to get things done by gradual, reasonable methods, it is sometimes necessary to use force
91.In school I preferred
92.In education, it is more important to
93.People regard me as a solid, undisturbed person, unmoved by ups and downs in circumstances
94.I think society should let reason lead it to new customs and throw aside old habits or mere traditions
95.I think it is more important in the modern world to solve
96.I learn better by
97.I like to go on my own way instead of acting on approved rules
98.Small things sometimes get on my nerves unbearably, though I realise they are trivial
99.Which of the following words does not belong with the others
100.If I make an awkward social mistake, I can soon forget it
101.I like a job that offers change, variety and travel, even if it involves some danger
102.I am a fairly strict person, insisting on always doing things as correctly as possible
103.I enjoy work that requires conscientious, exacting skills