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Let Dating Experts Organise Dates For You

Frustrated by all the time wastage of Tinder and online dating?

Aren’t we all…

You spend all this time trying to get matches only to have the women who do talk to you flake for a date

It’s hella frustrating

And yet it’s the only way to get dates these dates without going out and approaching strangers

We’ve had a lot of conversations from our students about this problem

That’s why we’re launching an Outsource Your Dating Program

We’ll line up dates for you

And all you need to do is show up and wow them…

Interesting right?

No more wasting valuable time in these time wasting apps.

The first month we’ll organise a photoshoot to get the right shots

And we’ll interview you to get to know all about you

Then once we get a good idea of your schedule, our experts will get to work lining up dates for you

All you need to do is show up to the dates and work your magic

Simple right?

There’s an upfront cost of $1000 for proper photos and accounts setup

Then after that, you only need to pay for actual dates, so it’ll be $200 per date we bring in.

We’ll be putting in a lot of hours to get you dates so you can sit back and watch the dates roll in

You can stop the service anytime – no lock-in contracts, just dates

And that’s not all…

We’re doing an introductory offer of 50% off for the first 5 people to sign up to the service

So that’s $500 for photos and setup

And $100 per date for the lifetime of your membership

That’s half as much as everyone else will be paying for as long as you continue using the service

Pretty great deal right?

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Get The School of Tinder Course

When you join School of Tinder, you’ll get access to Video Tutorials, Fast Expert Feedback, a community and more.

In these sessions, expert dating coach Damien Diecke will give you the best strategies for navigating Tinder. This includes how to choose the perfect photos, how to message before the date, the anatomy of powerful conversations, hacking the Tinder machine and more. 

Plus, all our dating coaches are always ready to answer any questions you have. (And of course, every session is recorded so you get access to all replays.)

Hack Your Tinder Dating From Beginning To End

You’ll get comprehensive strategies from understanding how women use Tinder to having powerful conversations that will get you dates

Not only that there’s troubleshooting strategies on what to do if you’re not getting matches, numbers or dates

Over 6 hours of the best content to get you dates. 

Get Expert Feedback on Your Tinder Profile

Get Unlimited Help

A secret School of Tinder group on Facebook allows you to get feedback from experts and community members on all aspects of Tinder at record pace.

Don’t know how to respond to a comment? Let the community give you ideas on what to say.

Frustrated and not getting anywhere? The community will tell you what you’re doing wrong.

Copy/Paste Successful Tinder Conversations Great Tinder Profile Quotes 

Forget about trying to think up great responses and funny quips.

We’ll give you great quotes to add and share great Tinder conversations that led to dates.

Simply copy and paste.

Plus, you’ll get the latest strategies for Tinder as we discover them when you join School of Tinder. Click below to get started now.

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