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13 Chapters with everything you need to dominate Tinder & online dating

What You'll Find

The most comprehensive Tinder course run by Australia’s No. 1 dating coach Damien Diecke.

Hack Your Tinder From Beginning To End

You’ll get comprehensive strategies from understanding how women use Tinder to having powerful conversations that will get you dates

Copy/Paste Successful Tinder Conversations

Forget about trying to think up great responses and funny quips. We’ll give you great quotes to add and share great Tinder conversations that led to dates.

Unlimited Expert Feedback on Your Profile

A secret School of Tinder group on Facebook allows you to get feedback from experts and community members on all aspects of Tinder at record pace.

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How I Got 14 Dates In 4 hours


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What's In The Course

Class  #1

Navigating Tinder (14:23)

Class  #2

How Women Use Tinder (11:35)

Class  #3

Hacking The Tinder Machine (10:57) 

Class  #4

How To Choose The Perfect Photos (18:19) 

Class  #5

What To Write In Your Profile (17:10)

Class  #6

Writing Your First Message (16:29)

Class  #7

Powerful Conversations (33:09)

Class  #8

Locking In Numbers & Dates (15:23) 

Class  #9

Messaging Before The Date  (05:43) 

Class #10

Not Getting Enough Matches (09:25) 

Class #11

Not Getting Enough Numbers (07:30)

Class #12

Not Getting Dates (04:29)

Class #13

How To Keep Improving (23:40)

Create The Perfect Tinder System

Advice in this course comes from scientifically proven data and motivates you to create a process that allows you to minimise rejection and get success consistently.

The Before/After Transformations Are Astounding

Most men assume they're not good looking but little do they know, it's all about getting the best photos. We'll show you how.

Features In Hundreds Of Media Outlets

Damien has been featured in hundreds of TV, Radio & Magazines in Australia and around the world.

89% of worldwide students

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Meet Damien.

Australia's No. 1 Dating Coach & Creator of School Of Tinder

“I went from struggling with generalised anxiety disorder to dating multiple women at the same time. I want to share the scientific strategies that helped me get over my anxiety, gain self confidence and get dates. I've helped thousands of men over 10 years regardless of their skill level. I'm confident this Tinder course can help you too."

Money Back Guarantee

If you've tried everything in the course and you're still getting no luck, we'll give you a full refund with sincere apologies. Simple as that! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sincere Seduction contains everything you could want to know about seducing women without pretending, lying or manipulating.

Do these tips work overseas outside of Australia?

Yes! While it’s true you will get some cultural difference from one country or even city to another, the truth is that core attraction skills are indeed universal. You’ll be presented with a wide variety of teases, and conversation starters to suit a wide range of cultural norms. We’ve tested these strategies in over 38 different countries to great success.

 Do these tips work with MY nationality (Asian, Indian etc)?

Yes! We understand that a lot of men can feel like different rules apply to different nationalities, especially when there may be a dating bias against your background. But the truth is that we work on a daily basis with men from a huge range of different ethnic backgrounds and these strategies apply equally well to all. The rules of attraction remain the same no matter where you’re from. 

How much of this can be used in other online dating platforms like Bumble / Hinge etc?

Actually, 80% of what you learn in this course can easily be applied to other dating apps.  For example, knowing how to choose and take really great photos, knowing what to write in a profile to get her interested, and engaging with women after you match in a way that makes they chase you for a date are all skills that are required across all online and mobile dating platforms.  So while there may be some really unique ‘tricks’ we use in Tinder to give you an added boost on that platform, almost everything else you learn can be used in all other platforms as well. 

Is this advice still suitable for MY age bracket?

Yes! The rules of attraction don’t change just because you’re older or younger, women don’t change what turns them on just based on their ages. We offer a range of different teases and conversation starters for you to choose from, and you can choose the ones you feel best suit your personality and the personalities of the women you’re matching with. 

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