Picking up a lady has become very complicated. There are no real guidelines on how to show interest in a lady, or how she can accept a man’s affection without the risk of social ridicule.

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Hark now. Grab a mug of ale, put your feet up, and let me tell you the tale of Sir Butterscotch. Sir Butterscotch decided to dedicate a full year to learning how to attract women. He did what you would have expected.

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Sir Cherryripe is one of my closest compatriots. We travel together frequently and he is my chief Cohort when I ride out to meet maidens. He is retired and travels the world when he’s not hanging out on his multi-million dollar estate.

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Sir Snickers had one of the worst internal state issues I have ever seen in a student. On his second time going out, he simply freaked out and nothing was working to get him back.

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When a young squire first decides to become better with women, more often than not he finds out he is not the only one on such a journey.

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Approach distress is the less potent cousin of the Amygdala Hijack. Whilst the Amygdala Hijack- and the overwhelming inability to take action that comes with it- will disappear over time, approach distress will always be your buddy.

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Now I know you want to jump out of your saddle and join the action quick smart- but before you do I want to have a word with you about Cohorts.

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Whenever I say to a student "go talk to her" for the first time - the only reply I ever get is "What am I going to talk about?"

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A fantastic initial meeting always involves some humor and affectionate teasing. Learning to be funny and tease women is like building up your biceps – if you put in enough consistent effort you will improve and will eventually have something to show off.

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The notion of flirting is nothing new. The first guide on how to flirt was published about two thousand years ago by an ancient Roman poet named Ovid.

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Getting a girl’s number is actually a very simple process. You walk up to a girl, talk for a few minutes, then ask for her number. Contrary to what you may believe, it isn’t actually rocket science.

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After getting a lady’s number, there’s still one huge hurdle to overcome– getting her out on date. It’s a source of huge frustration when you think a girl likes you, but she goes and does one of these three FAILS:

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Like shark-cage diving, first dates are exciting and scary and can potentially end with someone being eaten (but in dating that’s a good thing!)

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Seducing a woman to the point of wanting to have a one-night stand with you is a very delicate process. It’s about gradually escalating with her, making sure not to push her any faster than she’s comfortable with, but not so slowly that she becomes bored.

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Getting into a casual sex relationship is as simple as seeing a girl you’ve already had sex with again and again. Except for some problems.

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Hollywood has done a lot to contribute to our views of how love works, and what we should expect from a partner who supposedly loves us. Want the blueprint for a perfect relationship?

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If you think that one day your problems with women will magically end and you’ll live happily ever after, then you’re wrong. You will forever be striving for new and interesting ventures, which will give you higher quality problems.

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“To Do Is To Be” — Socrates
“To Be Is To Do” — Plato
“Do Be Do Be Do” — Sinatra
Picking up a lady has become very complicated. There are no real guidelines on how to show interest in a lady, or how she can accept a man’s affection without the risk of social ridicule.

It wasn’t always this way. Before the industrial revolution, western culture used to have rules and rituals surrounding courtship so that young people learned how to woo partners. The older generation mentored them by having large dances and social gatherings at which everyone danced with everyone else so that (among other things) connecting with women outside your social circle was not a big issue. You were supposed to circulate and accept if someone asked to dance with you. It was considered rude not to.
Historically, we have lots of instances where societal rules encouraged communication between the sexes that led to courtship. Below are some examples of such rules; which made it easier for people to go about wooing a partner without leaving them open to ridicule.
Victorian women let you down gently without anyone noticing. If a lady wasn’t interested, she would use her trusty hand fan and rest it on her left cheek. In an era of politeness, rudely turning a man down was not an option. If the lady fanned herself slowly, she was already spoken for. If she fanned quickly, she was on the market for a possible suitor. If the fan rested on the right cheek, then Hallelujah! - she was interested in you.
In 19th century rural Austria, women would shove apple slices under their armpits during dances. If some handsome man caught her eye, she would give him her sweaty apple slice. If he liked her back, he would eat this sweaty apple slice. It’s pretty gross as far as courtship rituals go and I would never advocate for bringing it back (outside of weird fetish parties) but I love that the ladies were initiating the possible romance.
A particularly suggestive example comes from 19th century Finland, where Finnish girls who had reached a marriageable age would wear empty sheaths on their girdles. If a man liked a girl, he would place a knife in her sheath. A girl would simply return his knife if she wasn’t interested, but keeping his blade meant that she agreed to marry him (or at least allow him to sheath something else).
In 17th century Wales, getting the wooden spoon was a good thing. Welsh men made intricately hand-carved wooden spoons to offer their crushes. If the lady accepted the spoon, the courtship was on.
In 18th century England, young people had no privacy. Luckily they had an amazing invention called the courting stick. This six-foot-long hollow tube allowed young people to communicate from a safe distance while family members remained in the room to make sure there was nothing as scandalous as hand-holding going on.
Why did society stop these cues and leave us to figure it out on our own? When did it stop becoming a father’s responsibility to teach his son how to attract the opposite sex? Why isn’t it something that’s taught as part of a young boy’s school curriculum?
The truth is I don’t know why. All I know is that it is necessary. A clear social cue that gets the opposite sex meeting one another would be amazing to have. Right now however, if men stopped approaching women and initiating courtship, our whole courtship system would break down to who we can meet through our social circle. Statistically, the odds of you meeting the right woman through friends is very small.
Women understand courtship far better than men.

This is one of the reasons why ladies spend so much time on their appearance and really show their stuff when going out. It is our job as men to approach women. It just so happens that ladies make this job very easy by looking amazing.

When I’m out and about and a lady asks me what I do for a living, I’m honest and tell her I teach men how to attract women. They often respond with something like "You mean like in that book where those guys lie and put women down in order to get them into bed?" I do understand why women have their guard up about these things. When they think about men trying to attract women, they think about those drunk guys in the clubs that have no respect and are often complete assholes. They think about every man that has ever lied to them and don’t want some guy teaching more guys how to be like that. I get it completely. I don’t want that either. The thing is that those drunk assholes at the bar don’t need my help. They’re the only ones approaching women at all and their method pays off more times than it really should. The guys that do solicit my help are

Guys that come out of bad
relationships and just need to
get back into dating again.

Men that spent all of their 20s
focusing on their career, got to
where they wanted to and now
want to have some fun without
wasting any more time.

Shy introverts looking
for more experience.

Average guys who are
sick of settling for girls
they’re not really interested

Men who are already pretty
good with women but want to
excel and get the types of
women they really want.

Or men like Sir Marshmallow…

Sir Marshmallow spends a lot of time taking care of his mum who has Multiple Sclerosis. He doesn’t get many opportunities to be social because someone has to be home at all times to look after his mum. He wants to use every second he has free to have fun and get beautiful women in his life.

Or guys like Sir Appleslice…

Sir Appleslice’s brother is seriously mentally ill and still living with the family. Sir Appleslice always believed he’d never have a partner because no woman would want someone whose brother was mentally ill and whom he’d have to take care of at some points throughout his life. Seeing firsthand the kindness of women pushed him to believe otherwise. He is now happily dating.

Or someone like Sir Rumball…

Sir Rumball is a good-looking guy. He also has a medical condition that he has to take chemotherapy tablets for. When he takes them, he suffers bloating which affects his ability to move around. He didn’t think he could ever meet a girl that would be willing to put up with his condition.

Fortunately for us men, when we fail to see the beauty in ourselves, women have the ability to show us that beauty.

When we push through our limiting beliefs and see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s an amazing feeling. You smile everywhere you go and your happiness is infectious. Do you think Sir Marshmallow, Sir Appleslice and Sir Rumball don’t deserve to feel this way? Of course they do. Same goes for all the other men who want to be happy, feel loved, and have control over their dating lives.

Once these guys start getting some control in one area, they start wanting to change their whole life for the better.

This is what psychologists call the Locus of Control.

Right now you have certain things that are within your control – for example showering every day, how you travel to work and what you eat for breakfast. This is your comfort zone. Everything you would like to achieve and haven’t yet is outside it with varying degrees of difficulty. This could be attracting women, asking your boss for a raise, travelling to Europe, starting a company or leaping out of a plane.

The thing I see is that once these guys start to expand their comfort zone to include attracting women for example, the side effect is that things outside of attracting women- such as starting a side project or asking for a raise for example- will suddenly start to seem easier to accomplish.

This is the secret to how you can get control over your life. This is also how attracting women will affect the other areas of your life. Here are some examples of specific skillsets you’ll learn and the ways they can apply to your everyday life:

Quickly building rapport with women will mean that when you go to job interviews, you can apply the same principles to get your dream job by quickly building rapport with the interviewer.

Dealing with women testing you. This will help you get perspective when people think they’re better than you either in your personal or your professional life.

Having engaging stories will make you more likeable, ensure people remember you and is also an incredibly useful tool in your career when networking.

Selling yourself is invaluable for selling an idea, showing great leadership skills and inspiring others to believe in you. The above are just a few examples. Some of my students have truly amazed me over the years with what they have accomplished just by applying the principles in this book.

I’ll share some stories with you.

By employing the same goal setting and consistency
principles in the book, Sir Easteregg went from
a flabby guy with 18% body fat down to 5%.

He did this by going to the gym, doing yoga and eating well. His abs look great and he’s happy to show them off to anyone that wants a look.

Sir Sherbert realized that he didn’t have a lot of
passion in his life.

He always wanted to be a writer but got sidetracked at an IT job he hated. He made the tough decision to leave his job and start pursuing his passion for writing. He is now an intern for a startup and writes funny marketing articles for their blog. He is also working on a book as we speak. He earns very little money but he’s the happiest I have ever seen him.

Sir Jellybean had two older brothers who teased him
mercilessly over the years.

When they found out he was learning to attract women, naturally he took some more bullying. But then something else happened- Sir Jellybean became really good at attracting beautiful women. What did his brothers do? They called my assistant to try and organize an appointment for them to meet me and find out what I had done with their brother. Sir Jellybean was over the moon about finally winning out against them. This improved their relationship and the whole family gets along better as a result.

This is what this whole thing was about for me –
putting some Awesomeness in people’s lives.

One more side effect from attracting women is you can expect some hilarious outcomes that make an awesome story.

So I present to you the Tale of Sir Raisintoast.

Sir Raisintoast was in the kingdom of Malaysia
when he met a gorgeous damsel with the kind of
breasts Shakespeare would write about.

He was so excited he texted me soon after he met her. He continued to text me with updates on how the courtship was progressing, and last I heard was they were passionately locking lips with each other. Then the texts stopped coming. I didn’t hear from him again until he got back to Australia. When I casually asked him how it went, he didn’t want to tell me, and then admitted that they were in a quiet corner and he slid his hands up her dress where he surprisingly discovered a raging hard-on! He freaked out and left. We all had a jolly laugh about it, and I mentioned to him this was not the only time a student of mine has been "surprised".

I’ll share one of my funny moments with you too.

I met two girls on the beach and went back to their place for lunch. After lunch, they told me to wait in the lounge as they wanted to get something prepared that they thought I would like. Naturally, I was high-fiving myself expecting a threesome. They came out to me with a box. My eyes widened with expectation of what goodies would be inside. Each one sat on either side of me as they opened the box of goodies. Turned out to be three bibles inside for each of us to read. Imagine my disappointment!.

There are hundreds of "embarrassing" and "funny" sto-
ries I can tell you but you need to go out and get some of
your own. Stories like these come from experience and
lots of it. Let’s get you some shall we?
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